Your Privacy and Data Security Your privacy is very important to us. At all times, we make every effort to protect your privacy, and we never act in a way that may jeopardise your privacy. Here we want to explain what we do with any data we may gather from your website, and how it may be used. Security We employ a range of sophisticated security features to help protect the confidentiality of your personal information and to prevent any unauthorised access or improper use. These features include encryption, firewalls and other up-to-the-minute security technology and procedures. Privacy Your information is safe with us. We will never sell or divulge our customer database to any organisation for the purpose of marketing or selling. Neither will your personal information be sold or otherwise transferred to any of our business partners without your prior consent. However, if we are obligated to do so by law, we may disclose any information we collect to third parties. Compliance with Applicable Law We want you to be assured that in our business we work in full compliance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, 108 of 1996, the Electronic Communications Act, 25 of 2002, the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013. In addition we apply industry best practice to our activities, and comply with all relevant statutory requirements under South African law. Unauthorised Disclosure We accept no liability for any unauthorised or illegal disclosure of your personal or confidential information made by third parties where those third parties do not fall under our control. However, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that is does not occur. What we Define as Personal Information We define personal information to include the customer name, company name, physical and mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number (land line and cell), ID number, credit card details or bank details. Consent to Collect When you accept our terms of business, you give us consent to collect certain information to enable us to carry out business with you, and to enable us to improve our business performance and efficiency. This may be on a one-off basis or on a continuous basis, depending on the business relationship we establish together. Cookies We use cookies to obtain information on the interaction you have with our website. The information we obtain from cookies is primarily used for the following purposes: · to recognise your computer when you visit the website · to track you as you navigate the website, and to enable the use of any e-commerce facilities · to improve the website's usability · to analyse the use of the website Customer Data Customer data that we may collect will be used only to give you access to the website, access to the Client Login area, and so that we can monitor a reseller or customer’s activity – this enables us to limit or prevent breaches of security and gather information needed for us to monitor the performance and efficiency of the website. Our Marketing To help with our marketing and advertising efforts, from time to time we may send messages to the email address you have given us. For example, we may use your email address to inform you of new products or services, or industry news. You have the ability to unsubscribe from the email database at any time. Important Service Announcements To maintain our service performance, we may from time to time send you emails that are relevant to the performance of your website. For example, we may advise you if we anticipate a service interruption as a result of system maintenance. Due to the importance of these emails, you do not have the option to unsubscribe. Disclosure of Personal Information When you do business with us you agree that we may use your personal information for specified purposes (subject to your right to withhold your consent in certain circumstances). These include contract administration and to allow us to collect your debit order payments. We will also provide personal information to law enforcement authorities in response to court orders and other lawful requests where we have been advised that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or institute legal proceedings against third parties who jeopardise the services or business that we provide. Personal information may be disclosed to associated business partners, including our payment processors and mail marketing service provider, provided that they have assured us of the security of any information we pass on, do not use it for any purpose other than carrying out the service on our behalf, and comply with our information management procedures. Time Limit for the Retention of Personal Information We only retain personal information for the duration of our business dealings for the purposes of carrying out our legal obligations. Keeping Accurate and Up To Date Information From time to time we may request that you update the information that we hold about you. In this way we can keep our records relevant and accurate, and better safeguard your data security. You can review or update your information by accessing your account through the Client Login or by e-mailing us. We always verify your identity before allowing you to access your account or make any edits to your personal
Privacy Policy